• Shorten trouser and jeans (with or without original hem)
    • Shorten skirts and dresses
    • Lengthen skirts and dresses

Shirts and Blouses

    • Shorten length
    • Shorten sleeves
    • Take in side seams
    • Turn collars

Zips. Replace in:

    • Jeans
    • Skirts and trousers
    • Dresses
    • Jackets
    • Sleeping bags
    • Overalls
    • Wetsuits
    • Leather pants


    • Take in or let out waist
    • Taper side seams
    • Make dress into skirt

Frocks and Dresses

    • Take in or let out
    • Raise on shoulders

Jackets and Tailoring

    • Shorten
    • Take in
    • Adjust shoulders and reset sleeves
    • Recut lapels
    • Make double-breasted into single-breasted
    • Shorten or length sleeves with vent or plain


    • Skirts
    • Jackets
    • Waistcoats or vests
    • Trousers
    • Dresses


    • Take in leather pants and jackets
    • Replace zips in leather pants
    • Shorten coats and jackets

Wedding and Ball Gowns

    • Take in or let out
    • Shorten
    • Replace zips
    • Recut
    • Raise shoulders
    • Remove sleeves
    • 15% discount on Ball gown alterations during May.

Other Services

    • Pockets replaced
    • Buttonholes
    • Put Maternity waistbands on skirts and jeans
    • Replace domes and tack buttons on jeans and jackets
    • Measurements taken: – for garments being made elsewhere


Margaret Wallace Clothing Alterations

    Shorten or mend curtains

      • Make cushion covers
      • Adjust bedspreads and duvets

    Corporate Uniforms

      • Corporate uniforms are intended to make your team stand out in the crowd. However a bad-fitting uniform can look unprofessional and send out the wrong message. We will alter your uniforms to suit your body type.
      • (Get your colleagues together and arrange a time with Vicki to suit you all. She will come to your work place to do a fitting for shortening your trousers or skirts, or sleeves on jackets. Minimum number of people is 3.)

    Clothing Alterations Service for Elderly or Housebound

    Margaret Wallace Clothing Alterations

    For a small fee we will fit your clothes in the privacy of your own home. All you have to do is ring and make an appointment and we will come to you. On completion of the work the garment or garments, will be delivered to your door.


    Ski-Wear can be altered and repaired so that you can wear them year after year. Please contact us before replacing damaged ski-wear, as it may be possible to repair.


    Repairs and alterations to individual or team uniforms, track pants and strip. E.g sewing team numbers on jerseys, replacing zips in jackets, shortening or repairing martial arts gis.

    Modernising Garment

    The look of a garment can be changed to suit the current trends just by shortening hems and sleeves, removing shoulder pads and altering the waists. We can alter wedding gowns that used to belong to your mother or grandmother to better suit you.

    Dress Making

    A perfectly tailored piece of clothing gives you a great start because it is custom made to suit your proportions. We provide dressmaking services to create unique garments for you. However we are not designers, therefore please supply us with a pattern and the fabrics and we will incorporate your inputs to create exactly what you want.

    Same Day Alterations

    Dry Cleaning

    • We are agents for NZ Drycleaners.

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